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Since 2011 we have helped thousands of Texans with their surety bond needs. Our expertise is solely in Texas surety bonds. State licensed with over 30 years of experience and fully knowledgeable of the surety industry. 

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A surety bond is a contract guarantee between three parties. Principal (person buying the bond), surety company, and Obligee (a state, city, ISD,or county entity)

A surety bond may be required for multiple reasons to guarantee something or obtain a license or permit. The purchaser of the bond will be liable. A few examples; You may need to guarantee ownership, as in the case for a title bond for your vehicle. You may need to guarantee ethical business practices, as in the case of a motor vehicle dealership bond. You may need to obtain a city permit or state license for a specific job.

Obtaining your surety bond has never been easier. Find your bond on our website, enter your information, pay, bond will be emailed to you and print. It’s that simple.

Surety bonds are priced based on risk, bond amount, and bond type. Most license and permit bonds start at $100 for the full year. In the case of the vehicle title bond, the bond amount determines the price. Bonded title amounts of $6,699 and below are $100 for the full three years.

Yes, most bonds do not require a credit report. For the bonds that do require a credit report, yes, we have a variety of surety markets willing to help with credit challenges.

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