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In the city of Dallas, property owners are required by law to maintain the sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and driveway approaches connected to their property. The city also requires the contractors who will be working on these areas to demonstrate they have the skill and integrity to complete the work safely and effectively. For this reason, contractors must have a city of Dallas paving bond before they can begin work.

What Is a City of Dallas Paving Bond?

A city of Dallas paving bond is an agreement between a contractor, the city, and a surety bond company. Under this agreement, the contractor agrees to follow all local construction codes and regulations when installing or repairing a sidewalk, curb, or driveway within the city limits. The bond gives the city some protection in case the contractor is unable to meet their obligations, and a new contractor must come in to complete the work.

For example, a contractor may have an emergency that leaves them unable to finish replacing a sidewalk. The break in the sidewalk is a public safety issue because pedestrians may have to walk in the street to pass the missing section. Instead of leaving the sidewalk path broken, the city can file a claim against the bond to recover the money to pay another contractor to complete the sidewalk.

The city may file a claim against the bond even if the contractor completes the work. Contractors agree to follow the guidelines established by the Department of Public Works. Say, for example, the finished sidewalk does not meet the grade requirements. The city has an obligation to correct the error to protect the safety of the residents who use the sidewalk. In this case, the city may decide to pay a different contractor complete the repair work. The bond can provide the money needed for this.

Does Every Construction Contractor Working in Dallas Need a Paving Bond?

In most cases, a construction contractor who will be repairing, replacing, or installing a sidewalk, curb, gutter, or driveway apron in the city of Dallas will need a paving bond. The bond is a requirement for the paving permit needed for projects that require removing existing concrete or pouring new concrete. A bond is also a requirement for contractors who need a sidewalk waiver. To verify you need a paving bond and to view the list of items needed for a permit, visit the city’s Department of Public Works website.

Is a City of Dallas Paving Bond the Same as a Dallas Concrete Bond?

Yes, a paving bond is the same as a concrete bond in the city of Dallas. The terms can be used interchangeably because they both involve working with concrete. However, the official term used by the city is “City of Dallas Paving Bond.” The form for this bond is available online through the Department of Public Works website.

It’s important to understand the difference between a bond and a permit. Contractors must submit proof of the bond as part of the permit application. The bond does not give the contractor permission to work in the city, and having a bond does not mean the contractor can start the project. For that, they need a permit that gives them the authorization to work on the sidewalks.

The bond is part of the permit application process. Once the bond is in place, the contractor can apply for a paving permit.

How To Get a City of Dallas Paving Bond

To get a city of Dallas paving bond, the contractor must purchase a bond with a minimum amount of $10,000 from a surety bond company. Dallas also requires contractors to submit an official city of Dallas paving bond form along with the purchased bond. The form must include an official company seal or power of attorney, as the city does not accept notarized bond forms.

If you need a city of Dallas paving bond, TMD Surety Bonds can help. Complete the online application form for a driveway, curb, paving, right-of-way, or cement bond, along with the bond amount and effective date. You also can reach out to discuss online bond purchases. Our representatives are here to help you purchase the right bond for your business and project.

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