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Texas Notary Bond (TX)

Notaries provide an important service to the public. They act as a third-party witness to official documents, including real estate deeds, powers of attorney, and court documents. They also have

Texas Public Insurance Adjuster Bond

When an insurance company denies a claim, homeowners may seek the assistance of a public insurance adjuster to help them get the money they need to pay for a repair.

Business Services Bond for One Year (TX)

A recent study showed that over 50% of small businesses are sued each year. Such litigation can be expensive, ranging from $3,000 to $150,000. It’s no wonder that some 95%

City of Dallas Paving Bond

In the city of Dallas, property owners are required by law to maintain the sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and driveway approaches connected to their property. The city also requires the contractors

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