Third-Party Debt Collector Bond


What is a Third-Party Debt Collector Bond?

Anyone performing the duties of debt collection in the State of Texas are required by the Texas Secretary of State’s Registrations Unit to post a surety bond as a prerequisite of their appointment. This is outlined in 392.001 of the Texas Finance Code. By posting this bond, third party debt collectors pledge to conduct business in accordance with the provisions of this statute. Specifically, this bond protects any person who is injured by a violation of the code from financial loss up to the full amount of the bond.

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Surety bond costs are a percentage of the full bond amount, which is usually determined by your personal credit. Providing industry experience, strong personal credit, and business/personal financials will help lower your bond rate. Reach out for a quote today.

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Third-Party Debt Collector Bond

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Frequently Asked Questions

The entity requiring the bond (the obligee) will determine whether a bond is required. Bond requirements vary greatly by your occupation and location. However, fidelity bonds are insurance and are usually optional to obtain.

For the most part, yes. Bad credit can increase rates for license and permit bonds and most can also get approved for fidelity bonds regardless of credit. For contract bonds, larger contractors with poor credit can be approved with strong CPA-prepared business financials.

It’s a legally binding contract that you must sign to obtain a surety bond. The agreement guarantees that if you cause bond claims you will pay them in full.

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