Credit Services Bond

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What is a Credit Services Bond?

In Texas, there’s an important step that credit services organizations (CSOs) must take before they can obtain a business registration: purchasing a surety bond. Not only is this bond necessary to meet the state’s requirements. It also helps to protect the public by providing them with legal recourse if the CSO fails to comply with regulations and causes financial harm. By purchasing this type of insurance, CSOs can demonstrate their commitment to upholding professional standards and creating an environment of trust between themselves and their customers.

Who needs to purchase a credit service organization bond?

Credit service organization bonds are legally required in Texas for individuals or businesses who act as agents or brokers of any financial transaction involving deferred payment on a loan or credit transaction. These types of transactions are commonly used by pawnbrokers and payday lenders, as well as when tax payments are made through a third-party agency in lieu of a direct payment to the IRS. The bond ensures that those involved in any of these transactions fulfill the agreements they have put forth and protect any borrower against fraud or theft.


Starting at $150

Companies offering credit repair services must purchase a surety bond in order to operate legally in the state. Individuals interested in conducting a credit services business in the State of Texas are required by the Texas Secretary of State per Chapter 393 of the Finance Code, to obtain a $10,000 surety bond. Each location is required to have it’s own bond.

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