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Secure Your Texas Public Adjuster Bond with TMD

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Public Adjuster Bond

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TMD Surety Bonds is your local Texas surety bond agency. Since our establishment in 2011, we have helped thousands of customers with their bonding needs. Our clients know they can count on our attentive customer service, surety bond knowledge and price transparency.

What Is a Public Insurance Adjuster Bond?

A public adjuster bond is a legal requirement for Texas Public Insurance Adjusters, adjusters must post a surety bond in the amount of $10,000. The Texas Department of Insurance, Financial Regulation Division, Agent and Adjuster Licensing Office enforces this requirement.

Why Is an Adjuster Bond Required in Texas?

 Texas requires a bond for public insurance adjusters, who help policyholders with their insurance claims, to make sure that they will be truthful and ethical, and obey the state rules and laws. The surety bond allows Texas Public Insurance Adjusters to operate their business in the state.

What Does a Public Adjuster Bond Protect Against?

The bond protects the policyholders, the insurance companies, and the state from any harm or dishonesty by the public adjusters. The bond makes sure that the public adjusters will follow the rules and laws in the Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 4102 and act ethically in their business, paying losses that come from court decisions against them by any customer. The bond shows that the public adjusters are trustworthy and professional.

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How to Get a Public Adjuster Bond in Texas?

Effortlessly secure your Public Insurance Adjuster Bond in three simple steps! Experience the reliability and convenience of our hassle-free surety bond process.

How Much Is a Public Adjuster Bond in Texas?

TMD Surety Bonds offers public adjuster bonds at the lowest rates in Texas. With a cost of just $100, the bond is affordable and competitive. There is no credit check required, The application process is simple and fast, and the bond can be issued on the same day.


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Public Adjuster Bond FAQ

As a public adjuster in Texas, you need to obtain a public adjuster bond in the amount of $10,000. This is a type of surety bond that guarantees that you will comply with the Texas Insurance Code and the Texas Administrative Code when performing your duties as a public adjuster.

A surety bond of $10,000 is necessary for public adjusters, and it is valid for one year after it is issued. Both the bond and the license need to be renewed annually.

With TMD You can apply online quickly and conveniently. You can obtain your bond in just a few minutes.

A $10,000 bond is required for you to get licensed as a public adjuster in Texas, and you have to be the only principal on the bond.

To renew your bond, you will need to pay the renewal premium of $100. You do not need to submit any additional paperwork to the Texas Department of Insurance, unless you change your business name or address.

Yes, you can get a Texas public adjuster bond with bad credit. With TMD a credit check is not required to obtain your bond.

Yes, independent adjusters must obtain a surety bond in the amount of $10,000 as required by the Texas Department of Insurance.

You must have a surety bond as a public adjuster that binds you to comply with the Texas Insurance Code and the Texas Administrative Code. The bond protects the state and your customers from any potential losses or damages from your misconduct or negligence.

By following all the license regulations and ethical standards in the state of Texas, public adjusters can prevent bond claims. Some of the common sources of bond claims are:

  • Fraud:  Public adjusters cannot engage in any fraudulent or dishonest activities, such as overestimating the loss, falsifying documents, misrepresenting facts, or stealing funds.
  • Unfair Business Practices: Public adjusters should not engage in any unfair or deceptive business practices, such as soliciting business during emergencies, charging unreasonable fees, coercing clients, or violating contracts.
  • Failure to pay: Public adjusters must pay all the money owed to their clients, such as settlement payments, reimbursements, or fees.

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) is the state agency that regulates the licensing for public insurance adjusters in Texas. The TDI supervises the insurance industry in Texas and protects consumers from fraud and abuse. The TDI grants licenses to public adjusters who fulfill the education, examination, and background check requirements.

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