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Secure Your Over Axle Overweight Permit in Texas

Providing reliable Texas overweight permits in Dallas, Fort Worth, Carrollton, Arlington, Austin, El Paso, Houston, San Antonio, Irving, Plano, and Grand Prairie.

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TMD Surety Bonds is your local Texas surety bond agency. Since our establishment in 2011, we have helped thousands of customers with their bond needs. Our clients know they can count on our attentive customer service, surety bond mastery, and price transparency.


What Is an Over Axle Overweight Permit Bond?

An Over Axle Overweight permit bond is required by the Texas DMV, Texas Administrative Code 219.30, for any loads or vehicles exceeding the legal size and or weight limits for Texas roads. The $15,000 bond made payable to TXDOT guarantees payment of any damages to the roadways.

When Is an Overweight Permit Needed in Texas?

Before receiving a permit to operate a vehicle that exceeds the authorized axle weight limit by 10% and the legal gross weight limit by 5.0% on any county road or any state maintained roadways, you must buy and file a surety bond form 1753, “Over Axle and Over Gross Weight Tolerance Permit Bond” with the TXDMV.

What Are the Over Axle & Overweight Limits & Regulations for Texas?

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles regulates the size and weight limits under the Texas Transportation Code 623.011.

  • Height Limits
    • On holidays a 16-foot maximum height is allowed.
    • 18 feet, 11 inches is the maximum height allowed without a route inspection certification from the application on file.
  • Limits for Width
    • Except for manufactured housing, the maximum width allowed on holidays is 14 feet.
    • Maximum width permitted on controlled access highways (Interstate Highway System) is 16 feet, except for manufactured housing
    • With no route inspection certification on file, the maximum width allowed is 20 feet.
  • Length Limits
    • For holidays, a length of 110 feet is allowed
    • 75 feet for an automobile or truck
    • Overhanging in front is 25 feet
    • Rear Overhang is 30 feet
    • Without a route inspection certification from the application on file, 125 feet is the maximum length allowed.
  • Weight Limits – The maximum permitted weight for an axle or axle group is based on the lesser of the following axle or axle group weight or 650 pounds per inch of tire width. 
    • Single Axle – 25,000 pounds
    • Two Axle – 46,000 pounds
    • Three Axle – 60,000 pounds
    • Four Axle – 70,000 pounds
    • Five Axle – 81,400 pounds
    • Six or More Axles – Determined by MCD based on engineering study of the equipment and measurements.
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How to Get an Overweight Permit in Texas?

Effortlessly secure your Texas over axle overweight permit in three simple steps! Experience the reliability and convenience of our hassle-free surety bond process.

How Much Is an Over Axle & Overweight Permit in Texas?

For a full year term, the Over Axle and Over Gross Weight Tolerance permit bond carries a flat rate of $150. Easy to purchase directly online 24/7 and receive your original bond via email.


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Texas Overweight Permit Bond FAQ

You will need an Over Axle & Overweight bond when operating a vehicle or carrying a load over the legal limits on Texas roadways.

The maximum permit weight for an axle or axle group is based on 650 pounds per inch of tire width or the following axle or axle group weight, whichever is the lesser limit.

An Over Axle and Over Gross Weight Tolerance bond is required for trucking businesses who specialize in operating vehicles that exceed the Texas limits.

The term for this bond is a year. It is also an option to purchase multiple years in advance for a discount.

You can purchase your bond on our website 24/7 and receive it via email in minutes.

Generally taking more than 8 hours of work to disassemble would be a non-divisible load. Divisible loads can be broken apart easily in less than 8 hours

Renewing your bond with TMD is simple and fast. We will notify you via email within 30 days of your expiration. Simply pay your invoice and your bond will remain active with TXDOT. The state will be notified electronically.

The TxDMV issues One-Trip Permits for the temporary movement of a vehicle without a load subject to Texas registration laws. Valid for a period of 15 calendar days from the effective date.

A Single Trip Permit is for the one time movement to one location for loads exceeding the state limits.

Need a Surety Bond for Trucking? Have Questions?

TMD Surety Bonds is here for your immediate bonded title needs.Either purchase instantly using our BUY NOW options or give us a shout. We will be more than happy to explain and answer all of your questions.