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Secure Your Texas Business Service Bond with TMD

Providing reliable business service bonds in Dallas, Fort Worth, Carrollton, Arlington, Austin, El Paso, Houston, San Antonio, Irving, Plano, Grand Prairie, and throughout Texas.

Prices Starting at $100

Your Trusted Partner for Business Service Bonds in Texas

TMD Surety Bonds is your local Texas surety bond agency. Since our establishment in 2011, we have helped thousands of contractors with their bond needs. Our clients know they can count on our attentive customer service, surety bond mastery, and price transparency.

  • Purchase Your Bond Directly Online
  • Choose the bond amount that fits your needs
  • Know the price of your bond before you buy
  • Bonds start as low as $100*
  • No Credit Checks on Bond Amounts below $100k

What Is a Business Service Bond?

A business service bond is a type of surety bond that provides protection to your customers from fraud or theft committed by you or your employees. This bond protects your customers from losses incurred by dishonest financial liability for the loss of a customer’s money, securities, and personal property.

What Types of Businesses Need to Be Bonded in Texas?

Many industries purchase Business Services bonds to reassure their customers and provide the best customer service possible.

  • Roofer
  • Janitorial Service
  • Maid/Housekeeper
  • Lawn Service
  • Pool Cleaner
  • Painter
  • Moving Company
  • Pest Control
  • Pet Sitter
  • Plumber
  • HVAC
  • General Contractor

What Does a Business Service Bond Cover?

This bond protects your customers against theft by employees while on their property.  

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How to Get a Business Service Bond in Texas?

Effortlessly secure your Texas Business Bond in three simple steps! Experience the reliability and convenience of our hassle-free surety bond process.

How Much Is a Business Service Bond in Texas?

The cost of these bonds are determined on the number of employees and how much coverage is chosen. The costs below are based on 5 employees.

$2,500 – $5,000 will be a $100 premium for a year
$10,000 = $111
$25,000 = $165
$50,000 = $227
$100,000 = $288

What Our Valued Clients Say

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Texas Business Service Bond FAQ

It is highly recommended but no, this is not a bond that is required by the state. 

For the most part, these bonds are good for a year. You do have the option to purchase multiple years at a time if you decide to.

This bond can be purchased instantly online. In a matter of minutes you will receive your bond via email.

A business services bond protects your customer from any losses or theft while on their premises.

This is a freely written bond up to $100k. Only the name and address is required for approval.

The bond amount you choose should be based on how much exposure you may have and how many employees. We have multiple bond amount options starting as low as $2,500 up to $100,000.

Yes. Credit is only a factor on a $100k bond amount. We work with the best surety companies to obtain the best approvals.

This bond carries a one year term. When it is time to renew,TMD as your agent will invoice you for the payment. Once payment is made, your bond will continue to be active. It’s that simple.

A Business Services bond is protection for your customers. A Fidelity bond is protection for an employer.

Need a Bond for a Business? Have Questions?

TMD Surety Bonds is here for your immediate bonded title needs.Either purchase instantly using our BUY NOW options or give us a shout. We will be more than happy to explain and answer all of your questions.