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Secure Your Texas Auto Dealer Bond with TMD

Providing reliable auto dealer bonds in Dallas, Fort Worth, Carrollton, Arlington, Austin, El Paso, Houston, San Antonio, Irving, Plano, Grand Prairie, and throughout Texas.

2 Year $50,000 Bond Starting at $225 – $1,050+

Credit Score +650
Instant Approval!
Instant Issue!

Credit Score <650
Same Day Approval!
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Your Trusted Partner for Auto Dealer Bonds in Texas

TMD Surety Bonds is your local Texas dealer bond agency. Since our establishment in 2011, we have helped thousands of motor vehicle dealerships with their bond needs. Our clients know they can count on our attentive customer service, dealer bond mastery, and price transparency.

  • Excellent credit = Instant Approval and Instant Purchase
  • Soft pull of credit. No hard inquiry.
  • Receive your state-accepted original dealer bond via email.
  • Credit not stellar? We can still help!
  • We do all the work to find you the lowest rate.
  • TMD partners with the surety companies that specialize in dealer bonds.
  • Same-day approval and same-day issuance via email.

What Is a Texas Auto Dealer Bond?

An auto dealer bond is a guarantee from the dealership to the state and public that no fraud will be committed and the vehicle will not be misrepresented. It is protection for the public from the dealership if there are unethical business practices.

The motor vehicle dealer bond also is to ensure the dealership follows through with its obligations to its customers and vendors. For example, titling the vehicle, paying off previous loans, paying the dealer floorplan, etc.

Why Is a Dealer Surety Bond Required in Texas?

A dealer bond is required by the state of Texas to hold the dealership accountable for its business practices. The dealer surety bond is protection for the public. The dealership state license can only be obtained and maintained with an active dealer bond.

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How to Get an Auto Dealer Surety Bond in Texas?

Effortlessly secure your Texas dealer bond in three simple steps! Experience the reliability and convenience of our streamlined surety bond process tailored to your needs.

Who Needs a Texas Auto Dealer Bond?

You will need a motor vehicle dealer bond to obtain your Texas motor vehicle dealership license, also known as a GDN. This will allow you to sell, purchase, or exchange vehicles legally in the state of Texas.

  • Independent Motor Vehicle Dealer
  • Wholesale Motor Vehicle Dealer
  • Motorcycle Dealer
  • House Trailer Dealer (“House Trailer” includes “Travel Trailer” and “Towable Recreational Vehicle”)
  • Trailer or Semi-Trailer Dealer
  • Independent Mobility Motor Vehicle Dealer

What Does a Dealer Surety Bond Cover?

A Dealer bond is protection for the consumer, in the event a dealer does not comply with state laws or engages in any fraudulent activity.

  • Neglecting to transfer titles properly
  • Misrepresenting the condition of the vehicle
  • Odometer tampering
  • Failure to fulfill written or verbal warranties
  • Use of unethical finance practices
  • Non-remittance of state sales tax and additional government fees
  • Failure to report all sales
  • Failure to adhere to licensing terms and conditions

How Much Does an Auto Dealer Bond Cost in Texas?

A Texas dealer bond’s premium is based on the applicant’s personal credit report. The better you credit, the less you’ll pay. Since TMD works with only the best surety carriers, we can obtain the best rates in the industry. Rates start as low as $250 with excellent credit. Our highest standard rate is $1,050 for the two year dealer bond. However, if your credit is not stellar, not to worry, we can still obtain an approval for you with a non standard company.

Credit Score +650
Instant Approval!
Instant Issue!

Credit Score <650
Same Day Approval!
Emailed Directly!

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Texas Auto Dealer Bond FAQ

The dealership is guaranteeing to the state and public they will conduct business ethically. If the dealership does commit fraud, the public can file a claim on the dealership bond to recoup their losses.

The Texas dealer bond is a two-year term bond. When you renew your state license for two years, you will also renew your dealer bond for another two years. 

Yes, we partner with all of the best surety companies that specialize and offer a variety of rates for your Texas dealer bond.

The state of Texas requires dealerships to carry the surety bond to protect the public from fraud and malpractice

The state of Texas requires a two-year $50,000 bond. You will renew your bond at the same time you renew your state license.

Approval and receipt of your dealer bond can either be instant or same day via email.

You can renew your dealer bond as early as 90 days before your expiration date.

It’s easy to renew your dealer bond with TMD Surety Bonds. We will email you a notice prior to your expiration date and you can conveniently pay securely online. Your original bond renewal will be emailed to you. 

If you lose your dealership bond, we as your agent can email you a new original.

Need aN AUTO DEALER BOND? Have Questions?

TMD Surety Bonds is here for your immediate bonded title needs.Either purchase instantly using our BUY NOW options or give us a shout. We will be more than happy to explain and answer all of your questions.