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Street Vendor Bond

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What is the purpose of a street vendor bond?

Street vendor surety bonds are a type of permit bond also known as itinerant vendor, solicitor, or peddler bonds. These bonds are typically issued at the state or county level and apply to vendors who don't have a fixed retail location. Itinerant vendor bonds need to be submitted to the state, city, or county along with your vendor application, before you are permitted to sell your goods at events or in designated public areas.

The purpose of a street or itinerant vendor bond is to hold you accountable for your business decisions, as opposed to simply protecting you from liability if something goes wrong in the space where you set up shop. Purchasing a street vendor bond tells the local government requiring it that you can stand by your business decisions, and  protects the general public and government agencies from financial loss, if something goes wrong in the course of a transaction.

Who is required to get a street vendor bond?

Itinerant vendor bonds are usually required for transient retail merchants, as well as food and beverage vendors who plan to operate in a city or state on a temporary basis or just for special events. This must be in the normal course of business, such as “pop-up” shops and street fair vendors.

If your business has a fixed location, such as a retail store or dining establishment, but you would like to sell wares at a street fair, you may still need a street vendor bond, depending on the state, city, or county where the event is taking place. Please contact us for more specific information on itinerant vendor bond requirements, if you plan to make your business mobile.

How much does a surety bond for street vendors cost?

The required bond value and paperwork involved vary widely by state, city, and county. Generally, the greater the bond value and more complex the paperwork required to receive your street vendor bond, the higher the cost. Depending on where you plan to take your business, as well as the volume and nature of wares you sell, bonds may be as little as $125 per event or as high as $25,000. Please contact us for more details on the local governments that require you to be bonded.

How to Expedite Your Street Vendor Surety Bond Application

The application process for street vendor surety bonds can be confusing, as there are several different localities with different regulations and requirements, as well as varying minimum bond amounts. There is also the time-sensitive element of needing your bonds before the events.

Our friendly and professional agents can be reached at (817) 590-9725 between 8:30a.m.-5:00p.m. M-F, and you can also reach out to us through our online contact form 24/7, where a vendor bond specialist will get back to you as soon as possible, so we can get you the bond paperwork you need in time for these events, and you can focus on selling your wares.

To expedite your application, you will need to have certain information readily available for our bond specialists to move forward:

  • Your credit score (for some states, cities, and counties)
  • Your business financial records
  • Information about the type of goods you sell, including existing vendor licenses

Our bond specialists will let you know if any other information is required to complete your itinerant vendor bond application.

After your application is completed, you will receive a quote. Once you agree to it and pay the premium online, the bond paperwork will be executed, and we will mail it to you. If you need the bond papers immediately, we offer overnight shipping and electronic purchase.

TMD Surety Bonds strives to make the bond application process as seamless as possible, and our surety experts are happy to answer any questions you have.

Call us today or apply online now!

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