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Concrete/Cement Bond

Serving Dallas, Fort Worth, University Park, Sherman, Waco, Richardson, Houston, San Antonio, Irving, Plano, Highland Park and throughout Texas.

Concrete contractors obtain bonds to provide protection to clients receiving concrete work from the contractor. A concrete bond helps offset the costs incurred if concrete poured does not set properly and causes a delay in a construction project or its cancellation, leading to a loss of income for the concrete contractor.

Concrete/cement bonds can be provided by the concrete contractor to lead contractors or property owners. These bonds provide assurance that your concrete work will meet the project’s requirements. If there is a problem with the concrete, the bond issuer will help to make repairs.

Why Choose TMD Surety Bonds?

TMD Surety Bonds specializes in surety bonds and is a licensed surety bond producer. Our staff is knowledgeable, and we make superior customer service a priority. We give you the lowest rates of any established surety company and a fast turn-around time. We are located in Fort Worth, but serve the whole state of Texas. We have processed thousands of surety bonds for companies that are industry-leaders, and we guarantee the accuracy of our bonds.

What Do Concrete/Cement Bonds Cost?

Concrete/cement bonds from TMD Surety Bonds are specific to each project and have a value based on the project. You can also purchase a bond to guarantee contract terms, bid terms, and other factors. In most cases, you will not need to use the concrete/cement bond, but it is an inexpensive way to protect your business.

The cost of a concrete/cement bond is usually less than one percent of the contract price for projects greater than one million dollars. If the project value is under one million dollars, the premium may run between one and two percent. The cost may also vary based on the credit worthiness of the concrete contractor.

Receive a Free Concrete/Cement Bond Quote for Your Business

When you are ready to purchase a concrete/cement bond, you can call us or submit the online form for your free, no-obligations quote. The process will take approximately 15 minutes. Our agent will then email you policy quotes that you can peruse at your convenience. You can call your agent at any time with any additional questions. TMD Surety Bonds is known for our fast turn-around times, and we’ll help you make sure that you get the best bond rate available.

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